Premiere to D22 theater at Istanbul
Choregraphy: Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut in collaboration with Emmanuelle Jay.

Dancers: Emmanuelle Jay, Reyhan Özdilek Mohamed Kouadri Sameut

Costume Designer:  Rahamata Madjoine Dafine Maoulida

Mascara is a 30 minutes production with two dancers and 1 actor


Since we are all actors, we have a place to act in our society (to play a role depending on our intention). In order to perform and realize them, we all wear a mask.

The piece hints a way how individuals have to blend into a social environment more or less established. Each human being plays a character inside the society, and our character can lead to assumptions that these roles that are played by us are not really who we are. The risk however may be to get lost in our own scenarios and lose the perception of our real selves.

The persona, according to Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung, was the social face the individual presented to the world—”a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual.

The mask has to be understood as a “social mask”, a manufactured avatar by themyself” and who can substitute to the real identity. Here, this symbolic mask is not limited straight to the imposture; it is also a way to hide weaknesses and vulnerabilities by false pretense. The play about masks is not compulsory; the basics are to keep our free will, confidence, and options alive without being judgmental.

The process will consistently use the light to disclose the different edges of the mask. At the first glance, we see visible and lit faces. This light is inside our own psyche, according to some social and cultural stories and myths, we change the orientation of this light. The spot is lifted by hands as a part of our unconscious.

The subject of the play is a wink to the spectator, to its willingness to know about himself and to accept to put down his mask.