Petite Mécanique Humaine

Petite Mécanique Humaine


2015-2016 production


Premiere to the Sand Pour Sand festival
Choregraphy: Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut & Emmanuelle Jay

Dancers: Emmanuelle Jay, Claire Trouvé, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut

Costume Designer:  Rahamata Madjoine Dafine Maoulida



Trying to develop a language, questionning us about the differents ways human beings can use to communicate.

Research estimates that 60% of our communication is non verbal.
A human being is able to make more than 700 000 physical signals, and 250 000 facial expressions.
How amazing all the things we can communicate by our gestures, mimicry and attitudes!
There’s a constant link between our mind and our body, and every gesture we make has a symbolic meaning. Our gestures can confirm or invalidate what our words are telling, but they express everything we can unconsciously feel.
Every thought can be detected by a facial expression or an attitude of the body. Remains to read them!