41220_434621078720_4857762_nReyhan Özdilek

Reyhan Özdilek started with ballet at the age of 7 years. Then she headed to the theater for 13 years at drama club Galatasaray High School in Istanbul, Turkey.She continues the theater during his university studies, including the AFUT (University Francophone Workshop Theatre) directed by Olivier Chartier and starred in « From Ear to the Other » by Lady Gregory, « Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme « Molière’s » The Comedy of Errors « by Shakespeare, » Escorial « .(St Petersburg, 2002) of Michel de Ghelderode, « The Revolt of Women » Nazim Hikmet of « The tomb of Cassandra » (Toulouse, 2003) Malika Bey Durif, « The Lawsuits Baudelaire » (Brno, 2004) Pierre Bourgeade, « Trees of the Tropics » by Yukio Mishima, « The Man With A Flower in His Mouth  » by Luigi Pirandello (Belgrade, 2007), « Comedy » by Samuel Beckett, « This is the Head, That’s the Trunk That’s Wings » (Lille Strasbourg, 2009) by Sevim Burak.

In parallel, she takes contemporary dance classes at Zeynep Tanbay dance workshop..

In 2010 she left Turkey to Paris in order to pursue a master of theater at the University of the Sorbonne Nouvelle. In France she continues contemporary dance with Lyse Seguin and Peter Goss..
Beside of his theatrical training, she also participates as an actress in short films, both in Turkey and in France, as « Ahnectha: Voiceless room » (Istanbul, 2009) Can Eren, « Orientation » (Istanbul, 2009) Volkan Ergen, « Nostalgia » (Paris, 2011) Elena Tyushova, « Yuva (the Nest) » Istanbul, 2013) Onur Yigit and translated theater plays from French to Turkish called « At The Human Scale « written by Alejandro Tantanian, Rafael Spregelburd Javier Daulte, » Deal « written by Enzo Cormann and » The Bathroom « written by Astrid Veillon..
After her graduation she returned to Istanbul in 2012. She became the assistant to the director of the play « Mashenka » (Theatre Festival Fondaiton of Art and Culture Istanbul, 2014) adapted from the novel by Nabokov ..
Currently she is the assistant director of the play « Hak (Right) » (Directed by Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu) to the Festival An Der Ruhr. At the same time, She gives acting classes in french high school Pierre Loti in Istanbul..
She also has a passion for equestrian sports as endurance riding that earned her a place in this professional field..

portrait claireClaire Trouvé 

begins dancing at the Biarritz “Lipszyc Ballet School”, and then at the Annecy dance centre

At the age of 12, she joins the « Paris Opera Ballet School » where she has the opportunity to perform on
various international stages pieces like: « Yondering » from John Neumeier, ” Themes and Variations ”
from Violette Verdy or ” Sept danses grecques ” from Maurice Béjart.
After she graduate in 2011, she decides to explore new artistic horizons and so she starts theater at a Paris
Professional Acting School: the Cours Florent. At the same time she continues to research about the
evolution of her own dance.
It is quite naturally that she leans towards the contemporary dance and enriches her choreographic
vocabulary through many workshops accompanied by various dancers and international companies like
Hofesh Shechter, Batcheva Dance Company or Nederlands Dans Theater, among others.
She is hired to the CCN – Ballet of Lorraine for the season 13/14 where she takes part in the work of
choreographers such as William Forsythe, Trisha Brown, Martha Graham or Joane Leighton.
In 2014, she cofounds the Cie Mirab’ with the intent to develop multidisciplinary artistic projects (” J’arrive
« , 2015; ” Je suis le reflet “, short film from Aaron Stewart, Nikon festival 2016), and also to create dance
workshops for handicapped people.
In 2015, she participates in the lyric productions of the Grand Theatre of Geneva (“Medea”, « A
Midsummer night’s dream » , “Die Zauberflöte »).
Allongside her artistic career, she regularly gives dance and/or theater lessons (Ecole des Gens, Guillaume
Lavie; Centre Artys, Bénédicte Windsor) and she’s currently doing a vocational training at the French School
of Sophrology of Montpellier.
She joined Kontamine Company in january 2016


Aurélien Ferru

Aurélien Ferru, After several years in amateur theatre in different structures, Aurélien Ferru studied performing art at Paul Valéry University in Montpellier. He keeps acting in parallel by following vocational courses at the Compagnie Maritime (Montpellier) where he worked with actors and stage directors such as Pierre Castagné, Romain Lagarde, choregrapher Patricia de Ana and vocalist Gérard Santi..

Since 2012 he performed with La Logeuse Company on “La Locandierade” (Carlo Goldoni) like in Aurillac festival during summer 2014..
He currently works with Simon Angles on the Cabaret Dièse..
He also works with Sonia Franco and Fabien Gautier on the play “a fruit’s mental life”..
He joined Kontamine Company in september 2014 for project Mascara..