Temps d’espérance

2014-2015 production

Premiere to D22 theater at Istanbul

Choregraphy: Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut in collaboration with Emmanuelle Jay

Dancers: Emmanuelle Jay, Reyhan Özdilek, Mohamed Kouadri Sameut, Aurelien Ferru


At first sight, hope is the most positive feeling of all; it lays on trust and pushes to act while its opposite, despair, tends to pessimism and passivity.

In these conditions we can’t blame the attitude of someone who hopes.

In a way or other we are always hoping, and we think it’s for our individual or collective interest to do so.
As any feeling, we can define hope by the fact that we are totally powerless towards it.
Although we are able to condemn one hope that may seem immoral to us, can we prevent ourselves to feel such hope?
In this way even if hope leads to action , we always tend to be passive towards our own hopes, imposed to us without even provoking them, changing them or supressing them.